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Are You Facing Foreclosure? Act NOW before your house goes to auction.

What options do I have?

Attorneys will often advise that you file bankruptcy. While this may buy you time from your foreclosure it is not a permanent solution. Your house will still go to auction if you are not able to bring your payments current.

What happens if I foreclose on my house?

  • Your home will be sold and you will lose your home.
  • Your credit report will show a bankruptcy and a foreclosure.
  • You may have a hard time buying another home for up to 7 years!

We can help solve your foreclosure and avoid serious credit problems. Your easiest solutions is to SELL YOUR HOUSE FAST! We can close in as little as 48 hours and pay cash for your home. This is because we use our own money to buy your home. This lets us buy your house “as is” so you don’t have to make costly repairs, put your home up on the market through a realtor, wait for private party buyers to get bank loan approval, or any other problems that delay you from selling your house quickly.

Don’t let a pending foreclosure cause you continued stress and grief and finally result in bankruptcy and bad credit. We are often able to help home owners that have little to no equity. In many circumstances we are even able to work directly with the bank to get you out of deep water. We are many home owners top choice for selling their home even when they aren’t in foreclosure. This is because we always provide a fair cash offer and you avoid realtor fees and closing costs.

We buy hundreds of homes a year and are specialists at helping people in your same situation. Give us a call at(317) 599-4458 so we can answer all your questions. Consultation is free and there is zero obligation to sell your home. We provide you with a fast and fair cash offer.

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