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How To Sell Your House During The Holidays

Sell My House During Holidays

With the festive season right around the corner, you may think it’s difficult to sell your house during the holiday season.

Well, this might surprise you but selling your house during festivities isn’t as impossible as it sounds. People will still be willing to buy your house if you’re willing to sell it. Other sellers are most likely to go on a hiatus, which gives your house a higher chance of being scouted and sold as your competition lowers. But, of course, selling a house during this time is different to the rest of the year. Here are a few ways you can sell  your house during the holiday season:

Know the Facts

When home buyers stop by your property during the holidays, it’s important to have all the details prepared and ready to go. Since this is such a busy time of year, if someone is looking to buy your house there is a high chance they are extremely motivated. Before you show off the house to sell, make sure you have all the paperwork and fact-checking done beforehand.

Decorate but Regulate

Putting up a small Christmas tree, a wreath on the door and some Christmas lights to go with can leave an impression on your visitors. While it’s great to put in the effort, going all out with every hall adorned with Christmas décor can put off potential buyers. Try to keep decorations to a minimum but don’t completely disregard the festive atmosphere, rather make use of it to leave a lasting impression.

Give time for Visitors

If a potential buyer schedules a house tour when you have prior engagements, try to work your way around their schedule. Making time in between Christmas hauls allows visitors to feel your seriousness in selling the house. Some may not celebrate the same holidays as you but they will appreciate your time and effort.  This, of course, doesn’t mean you drop everything you’re doing to entertain visitors but to accept that you will be busy and your schedule will be packed.

Keep the Clutter Away

Often times when decorating, people tend to focus on the decorations and forget about keeping your house spacious, clean and staged. Before you even look at Christmas trees and ornaments, make sure to clear out any clutter in rooms and get rid of unnecessary furniture or décor. Try to keep everything organized and tidy up the outside of the house- if possible, just before your visitors come in. The exterior of the house is as important in leaving an impression as the interior.

Make it Cozy

The holiday season is just another synonym for harsh, winter winds and continuous snowfall. For most of us, it’s too cold to leave the house and look for houses, but if you make your house warm, cozy and heated, visitors can drop by amidst errands to get away from the cold. Even if it’s for a small amount of time, having your house heated and well-lit can go a long way.


Remember, if you are in a hurry to sell your home fast during this holiday season you can always give us a call or fill out the form. We buy homes in any condition or time of year.

Virtual Reality Set to Revolutionize Home Shopping

virtual reality home buyers

Watch out ladies and gentlemen, because soon online shopping is going to go to the next level, thanks to virtual reality technology. Some of the biggest companies in the world are racing to be the innovators of VR shopping and you can be sure that when it takes off, it will be the next big thing.

Virtual reality devices have been long touted as the next enterprise in home technology and we are slowly getting to the point where it is becoming affordable. Devices like the Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR have already made massive waves in the gaming industry, and now companies like Google, Apple and Microsoft are fighting to be the first to master VR outside of gaming.

Thanks to a partnership between Myer and eBay, we’ve seen what virtual reality home shopping could look like in the future. All you need is the VR headset and an iOS or Android phone and you can use the ‘Virtual Reality Department Store’. The device itself is essentially a Google Cardboard headset, but shoppers have reportedly been incredibly happy with the service, saying it was incredibly easy to use and fun to try.

The VR Department Store works using eBay Sight Search which the company says is a sensible way to incorporate virtual reality technology into the shopping experience, as they explain on their website.

“The shopper views a product in the store and by holding their gaze on it, the product is selected and automatically floats towards them, with the top 100 products available to view in 3D, and more than 12,500 in 2D.”

The creators decided to launch the product in early 2016 rather than sit on it as a means of determining interest and given its success, it’s fair to say we’ll be seeing it again in the future.

One of the biggest hurdles that exist for VR is getting into people’s everyday lives. Online shopping companies like eBay and Amazon can only do so much, because the market for VR outside of gaming simply isn’t there yet. Until headsets capable of virtual reality viewing become a regular part of people’s homes, it wouldn’t make sense for these companies to go all-out on the software for these products. Think about it, how many people do you know own a VR headset?

Myer and eBay transcended this by providing the hardware themselves, but that simply wouldn’t be practical on a much larger scale and the headsets they provided were a much cheaper version of the real thing.

This may be set to change in 2017 as new headsets like the Samsung Gear VR and Microsoft HoloLens become cheaper and more readily available. Retailers have already shown their interest in this technology and with mobile and online shopping taking over so spectacularly in the last few years, virtual reality shopping will be the next big product for your home, possibly as soon as 2017.

Top 10 Tips on How to Sell Your House Fast in Indianapolis, Indiana


Best Ideas To Sell Your House Fast

Selling your home is not easy and when you’re faced with the need to sell your home quickly, the difficulty is exacerbated. This article should help you get your bearings and figure out what it is you need to do to sell your home in short order. Finally you will stop asking yourself “How do I sell my house fast for cash at a fair price?”

  1. A Warm House Sells

Especially at this time of the year, you’ll soon realize how effective this is. If people are in your home looking around and they’re cold, they’re far less likely to buy your house. Crank your thermostat and create an environment for people to feel comfortable in. Head the warning though, don’t let your home get cold!

  1. Know the Area Inside and Out

You’ll want to be ultra-familiar with your area to make sure you know what houses around you are selling for. For example, the average home in Fishers, Indiana sells for $360,559 and Carmel, Indiana $474,725. Even within those two areas, house prices vary drastically so talk to real estate agents and learn your immediate surroundings.

  1. Remove Clutter

This is important for pictures as well as open houses. Statistics show that buyers are very put off by clutter, especially in living rooms and bedrooms. Make sure your house looks as open and tidy as can be. If this means moving furniture around, so be it. You have to look at your house as if you were seeing it for the first time so don’t be too set in the layouts you’ve created.

  1. Go All Out Online

As it gets colder, people will be less inclined to leave their homes so you need to make sure your house stands out. Have at least 10 photos up and put the effort into making them as appealing as possible. This may take some time, but it’ll speed up the selling process – which is after all what is important. Post your home listing on Facebook too while you’re there. Ask your friends to share it around and there’s free marketing for you!

  1. Stay Reasonable

If you want to sell your home quickly, you’re probably not going to get the maximum price out of it. Unfortunately, that’s just something you’re going to have to accept. This doesn’t mean you need to settle for something well beneath want you want, but you may not get all that you could have.

  1. Clean Everything

First things first, get your carpets cleaned professionally. It legitimately makes all the difference. Use a high pressure hose to clean outdoor tiles and make sure all the walls are clean and the paintjob is reasonably new. Make sure every object in your house is polished and/or dusted because if you’re the buyer, you’re examining every little detail. Never stop cleaning!

  1. Honesty is Key

Look, if you’re in a massive hurry to sell your home, sometimes you won’t have the time to fix up little problems with the house like faulty plumbing or creaky floorboards, but you can’t just ignore them. If someone’s interested in your house, let them know about these minor flaws. Of course, anything major needs to be fixed and anything that looks bad could turn people away so this only really matters for the unseen issues.

  1. Be Accessible

Your house isn’t getting sold if people can’t get in to look around. Be available and make sure your home is always ready to be inspected by buyers. If people are showing interest in your home, don’t lose them because you’re unable to show them around. Don’t waste all of your of the hard work to get to this point.

  1. The Little Things

Make sure there’s plenty of parking around your home in case of an auction or open house. Remove personal items such as picture frames, posters and (especially) children’s toys. Neatly arrange outdoor items like lawn mowers and washing lines and, most importantly, bake something! Cookies, cake, bread – whatever it is, it’ll make your house smell nice and that keeps people around.

  1. Sell to a Reputable Home Buying Agency

If you want to sell your home quickly, this is your answer. Find a reputable home buying agency and sell to them. They’re always actively looking to buy property and, so long as you do thorough research, can’t lose in this situation. They’ll buy your house, the price will be agreed upon and you’ll dodge a lot of the hassle.

How to Sell Your House Fast in Fishers, Indiana

sell my house fast in Fishers, Indiana

Tricks To Selling Your House Fast In Fishers, Indiana

When it comes to selling your home, you’ll be faced with a number of difficult situations and you’ll be forced to step into the unknown. This article will attempt to help you find your footing and give you more confidence in selling your home so you stop asking the question “How do I sell my house fast here in Fishers, Indiana.” These steps should help you plan out the process and help you sell your home in Fishers, Indiana.
A key to selling your home is learning from those around you and that means looking at the key statistics of previous home sellers in Fishers. These statistics will show you what you can roughly expect from selling your home in your area.
• The average home up for sale in Fishers, Indiana is priced at $360,559. Getting a home valuation can be key to knowing what your house is worth in your market. This is a crucial step to selling your home.
• On average, there are roughly 350 homes up for sale in the colder months of the year in Fishers. While this may seem like a lot of competition, in reality it’s not even close to 1% of the 15,662 houses in the town.
• Fishers Indiana was voted as the 12th best place to live in America by Money Magazine in 2012. It was also named the safest city in America by CQ Press in 2011. Flaunt those facts.
• The part of the city bordering with Luxhaven has the highest average selling value and also one of the highest selling values in all of Indiana.
• The average home in Fishers garners a monthly rent of around $1,450.
You’re going to have to put in a lot of work to sell your house. Whether it’s cleaning or reorganizing the items within your home, you’ll need to display your home in the best possible way to catch people’s attention. One way to make sure that process goes as smoothly as possible is to hire a home stager. Even if you want to sell your house quickly, the best way to do that is to take the time to consult a house stager to make sure your house looks as appealing as it possibly can.
Staging Your Home
Indianapolis offers a variety of staging companies that can help your put your house together to maximise its appeal. We recommend going for big name companies on this because you want someone with a good track record. Make sure you always ask to see a ratio of homes sold and unsold from the company and even ask to see some of their previous jobs. The first step to staging your house is making sure it is impeccably clean. This is where getting someone to look over your house is important, because you can sometimes overlook details that you, as the homeowner, may take for granted. Even through photos, people will be looking at every tiny detail and you don’t want to give them any reason to turn away. Staging companies will then ask you to remove personal items from the house such as picture frames and other oddities because obviously they’re not up for sale. They may also move your furniture around based on their own opinions of what makes the house most appealing to potential buyers.
Keys for Fast Selling
Selling fast has its perks, but it can also mean you need to settle for a price that isn’t the maximum you could’ve otherwise gotten. Of course, don’t settle for anything below your expectations. One thing you can do is put together a timetable. If you don’t get any acceptable offers by a certain date, then lower your price and keep updating your calendar to keep to your schedule.
However, if you want to minimize the hassle all together, you should contact a large home buying agency. These are companies that will buy your home from you and usually at a decent price. If you’re looking to sell your home fast, this is a productive way to get it done where both parties win. Research is key here because you’ll want a reputable buyer, but these companies are always looking to buy homes and you could certainly save a lot of time and effort by doing this.

How to Sell Your House Fast in Carmel, Indiana

sell my house fast in carmel indiana


Steps To Selling Your House Fast in Carmel, Indiana

Selling your home can be a tricky prospect, filled with a number of things you need to consider before you go for it and this article should help you figure out all the details of selling your home in Carmel, Indiana. If you’re asking yourself “How do I sell my house fast in this market.” Then you’ll love what Keypoint Solutions has to offer.

Before we get into the more intricate details, we need to get the basics down to give you an overview on what it’ll take to sell your home in Carmel. Here are a few basic numbers you’ll need to consider.


  • The average home up for sale in Carmel, Indiana is priced at $474,725. Make sure you know what your house is worth and if not, get a home valuation so you can see where you sit in the market.
  • At any one time, there are about 400 houses up for sale in Carmel. While this seems like a lot, it’s only 1% of the houses in the area. You still have a lot of competition you’ll need to deal with, of course.
  • Carmel is the fastest growing city in Indiana and that means you’re selling in a receptive market.
  • Houses towards the centre of Carmel generally sell better than those on the outskirts of the town. This may be because there are many more schools and facilities located centrally.
  • The average home in Carmel garners a monthly rent of around $1,700.

One of the most important things to selling your house is making sure you give your home every opportunity to sell itself and that means using a large home buying company and making sure your house is staged as well as possible for both photos and for when you eventually have people touring your residence. Even when you’re on the clock and wanting to sell fast, you need to make sure your house catches people’s attention, because otherwise you could go overlooked.

Staging Your Home In Carmel, Indiana

There are plenty of staging companies in Indianapolis that can help you put your home together to maximise its appeal. Always make sure you go for a big name company as you want assurances in quality and previous results. You can even ask them for the ratio of homes sold and unsold to be sure. Once that is sorted, there are a few steps to staging a house and the first is making sure the place is faultlessly clean. People are looking to buy your home so you better believe they’ll be examining every inch of it – even through photos – so make sure your house is spotless inside and outdoors. Some staging companies will then ask you to take down personal items like picture frames and oddities because obviously you’re not leaving them when you sell the house. You might also have furniture and other household items moved around as the stager sees fit. Just trust their opinion and don’t take it personally. The goal is to sell your house, not pat yourself on the back for your own furniture placement.

Keys for Fast Selling

One thing you should definitely keep in mind is if the goal is to sell your house sooner rather than later, you’ll need to settle for a decent price. This means you probably won’t get the maximum value for your home, but it doesn’t mean you should settle for something below your expectations. Put together a timetable for yourself. If you don’t get a bid you want within a certain timeframe, lower your asking price. If you stick to your timetable, you’ll be able to at least have some control over the situation. A smaller factor is actually the weather. Houses sell much more often in warmer months because people are more willing to go house hunting.

However, you could skip all of that hassle in looking for home buyers by selling to a large home buying company. These are companies that will buy you house off you. They want to buy your house and you still have a lot of power over the selling price. If you want to sell your home quickly, they can be a very productive way of going about it. Make sure you do your research and find a home buyer with a strong reputation and plenty of experience.

Building A Home Recording Studio

Home Recording Studio

So, you’ve decided to transform your bedroom into a recording studio, but aren’t quite sure where to begin (or end, for that matter)? Too easy. Down below, you’ll see a list of the barest crucial equipment, along with some other essentials and desired stuff, then you’ll learn how to choose and design the room wherein you’ll be recording, and lastly, some final touches to make your space as productive as possible.

In days of yore, you needed lots of money and know-how to build your own studio (still do, if you mean to go fully professional). However, with the improvements in technology over the past decade or so, building a home studio has ceased to be an unattainable dream, and it’s become a rather budget-friendly endeavour, provided you have a reasonable amount at your disposal.

Essential Equipment for a Home Recording Studio

So, where do we begin? For starters, you’ll need your essential equipment – the barest essentials would be a decent computer (what you have now will do, but you can always decide to upgrade), as well as a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) and Audio Interface (or, better yet, a combo thereof).

You’ll also need some other things, which, necessary as they may be, you can pinch a pretty penny on when buying. These include Studio Monitors (specially designed speakers for audio production), a decent mic (one will do, in the beginning) as well as pop filter. Moreover, you’ll need one long XLR cable for your microphone, and at least two shorter ones for your monitors.

Additionally, get a pair of headphones. Whether they are open-back or closed depends on your preferences; in short, open-back provide excellent sound quality, but less isolation, while the vice versa applies to their closed-back counterparts.

You’ll be needing stands for your mic (mics) and monitors if you want optimum placement, as well as at least some amount of acoustic treatment. Professional studios have professionally-designed treatment, but you can do without this, and instead design your own. Mind you, this is different from soundproofing, and will not reduce the noise. Moreover, you’d do well to consider investing in some mid-tier MIDI-controllers.

There are other things you might consider getting; they’re not as key, but they will make your life much easier. These include extra XLR cables, an extension cable for your headphones (for greater mobility), and a handy little thing called DAW Remote (an app for smartphones), which will be explained shortly. Furthermore, allow some space for a personal touch.

Now that you have all the (essential) equipment, where do you put it? First off, you’ll have to find the ideal room. This is more about what to avoid rather what to find, so let’s explain it that way. Firstly, avoid small spaces, both because of the need to move around, and the acoustic qualities. The bigger you can go, the better.

Secondly, avoid the noise – the traffic, neighbours, wildlife and the elements, these are all bad. Choose the room that is the least affected by these, or consider investing heavily in soundproofing. Thirdly, avoid poor flooring – this means no parquets and no carpets; instead, go for concrete, hardwood or tile. If you really need carpeting (for drums, for example), use an area rug. Lastly, avoid poor acoustics, which you’ll find a-plenty in an average home (luckily, there are ways to remedy this). Look for something with lots of space, asymmetrical walls, and irregular surfaces. This will all serve to enhance your sound quality. Alternatively, you can apply acoustic treatment (either buy it or make it yourself).

Designing A Home Recording Studio

Now that you’ve found your perfect room, let’s discuss Feng shui. First of all, clear it out! Everything that’s not necessary goes out. If you’re done with that, we can move on.

Ideally, you’ll want two workstations – one for the musician (recording area), the other for the engineer (mixing area). If you fulfill both of these roles, the last thing you want to do is fuse them together and make a clutter. Instead, keep them apart, with the desk/mixing area being the centerpiece and the stands/recording area placed at some distance. This will prevent clutter, and will also prevent your computer affecting the mic and marring the sound.

Moreover, consider getting the DAW Remote App, which is a smartphone app designed to act as a remote, so you don’t have to traverse from your recording area to your mixing area. This ties in nicely with the set-up suggested above. You should also mind the cabling, as this will affect both the quality of the signal that travels through it, as well as the moving around your studio. Furthermore, mind the way you place your studio monitors, as wrong positioning is simply a waste of potential and money. Rule of thumb says to keep them slightly above or below the midpoint between the floor and ceiling, making an equilateral triangle with your head and pointed at you.

If you followed the instructions correctly, you should have yourself a nice home recording studio, fully operational, and fully able to produce music on par with the greatest names out there (as long as you are up to scratch yourself). Have a good one.

Should A Local Realtor Have A Business Office?

realtor office

When you have to decide between broker office or to work from home, there are always some cons and pros. It is mainly a problem of a subjective matter because it all depends on your own preferences and accommodation.

This decision also depends on your experience and your creativity for this job. As a real estate agent, you can choose between two options: to work from home, and to become your own boss, and to work in the office, and to be a part of the team.

Independence is your choice

If you want to work from home and be an independent local realtor, you consider these few tips:

  1. Making your home a private office – Especially when you work from homeou need your own private space. Separating your personal life from your professional engagement is a must. You need a quiet space with no disturbances where you can make your calls, stay available to your e-mail andf course, stay focused all the time. Your office will sometimes be a place where you will meet your clients, so you need to make it comfortable and cozy too. If you can’t afford this, you should reconsider your decision.
  2. Be mobile – When you work from your home you need to have the necessary equipment. This implies a good computer with a stable connection, so you can stay in touch withtest news. You also need your own car, so you can go to required locations because this job requires lots of traveling.
  3. Consider your expenses – Asndependent realtor you need to consider income taxes, networking home calls, everyday travel, maybe a colleague and a secretary. This can be a tricky one because your work will depend on your effort and also the market you rely on. Every month is a different one and you won’t have a safe ground because it can be very changeable.

On the other hand, should you choose to work as an independent realtor, you will be able to manage your time. You can set up your working hours depending on your needs and habits. But don’t let this advantage disrupt your professional life – you have to stick to your working hours as well as your own time break.

Teamwork and business office

Having an office brings different types of advantages and disadvantages depending on several factors:

  1. Working in a broker’s office – As you may know, every agent has to work under a broker when they receive their license. This varies in every country, but some things are the same. Some people think that you have to share your parts with the broker and work under his name. This is not a necessity. At the same time, working in a team can have lots of advantages. The best ones are those that include different types of training and mentoring. Let’s face it: when you are a beginner in your work, especially in real estate business, you need a broker with experience that will improve your further carrier. That’s why you need to be careful when:
  2. Choosing your broker – Sometimes this relationship can be really bad because you don’t feel satisfied and you’re not getting the service you were looking for. In this case, you can always change your broker and find someone who will satisfy your needs.
  3. Working in a team – this decision is quite different from working as an independent agent because you have to be a part of the team and to rely on colleagues, meet them at the conference room and share some information with them. If you work from your own home, you can communicate with your colleagues via e-mail or by phone. It is very important to be a part of the community if you want to hear the latest news. The best way for this is od teamwork.

Somewhere in between

When you’re new at the real estate job you should consider the option of working with a broker. This way you will have the opportunity to learn and develop through different types of training and under the supervision of your broker. When you earn the necessary experience, you will find it a lot easier work from your home and to start your own independent carrier.

5 Simple Kitchen DIYs That Help Sell Your House Fast

At the heart of every house is the kitchen. It is where families congregate, and it is an essential area for those who love to cook. For many people it is important to have a kitchen that they can customize so that it works for them. For this reason, it is important to understand that spending time and money updating your kitchen is crucial. Here are the 5 kitchen DIYS to increase the value of your home.


1)   Change up your backsplash

expensive stove and backsplash









A great way to add color and dimension to a kitchen is through the backsplash. With seemingly endless combinations of colors and styles on the market, you will be sure to find one that fits well with your sensibilities. Installing a backsplash is an achievable job for experienced DIYers, but those new to home improvement should get their tiles measured and cut by a professional prior to installation.


2)   Add a fresh coat of paint

New white contemporary kitchen









A budget friendly way to spruce up your kitchen is by painting your walls. Because of the increased humidity and inevitable messes that happen in kitchens it’s important to use a satin or semi-gloss paint. As far as color goes, try to pick a shade that will brighten up the room. If your kitchen does not get a lot of natural light, the space may feel a bit claustrophobic. In this case, choose light, bright colors so that the room feels more open and welcoming. Pastel colors, and soft shades are best for smaller kitchens.


3)   Use hooks for storage

Empty space on the kitchen counter with utensils on hooks










A super simple way to increase the value of your home is to add storage. A foolproof way of doing this in your kitchen is by merely adding hooks to hold pots, pans, and cooking utensils. Attaching hooks to the backsplash tiles will add a new level of organization to the room. Also, it’s a great way to display all of your cooking tools without having to dig around in dark cabinets or drawers.


4)   Trade in your old faucet for a new one

Kitchen sink and counter









Sometimes it’s the simple elements that add value to a kitchen. One of the most used items in the kitchen is, of course, the faucet. Most faucets get the job done, but it is also important that it looks great and functions well. Spray wand, and single handle pull-down faucets are currently the most popular and searched for on online marketplaces. Installation is also quite simple, but be sure to pay attention because it is easy to make simple mistakes. Be prepared with the right tools like basin and socket wrenches, and always be sure to disconnect the water lines before installation.


5)   Don’t neglect your cabinets

Kitchen with granite island









Getting new cabinets can be a very expensive and time consuming process. Though your cabinets may be outdated, you may be able to make them look brand new by simply adding some hardware. Changing knobs and pulls are a great way to change the look of the kitchen. Luckily, this is easily one of the cheapest and easiest DIY projects that you could do for your kitchen. This is an area where you won’t want to skimp on quality. Find knobs and pulls that will act as classy accents; this will be the small shift that pulls the look of your kitchen together.

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